Your training should be personal

Cahaba Fitness is a premiere one on one personal training facility that offers a wide array of health and wellness options. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle strength, flexibility, or nutrition counseling, the highly trustworthy and educated professionals at Cahaba Fitness can guide you to reach and attain those goals.

Exercise is important. You know that, and you’ve tried it before.

But it never sticks. Why not?

Current trends push you to exhaustion.

You're not an "exercise expert", and need help.

You want to try fresh things, but they don't work for you.

No time for workouts that aren't focused on your needs.

There's a better way.

Most people struggle to exercise consistently because their fitness programs feel impersonal and blind to their needs. At Cahaba Fitness, our personal trainers guide people through personalized workouts, making it easy to maintain the healthy, fit life you deserve.

Your path to health and fitness starts here.

Step 1: Schedule a workout.

  Step 2: Come often.

  No monthly fees or annual commitments, so you come when you can.

  Step 3: Be healthy for the long haul.

   Build the healthy lifestyle you need to live the life you want.

The Cahaba Fitness Roadmap

We realize your health isn't just about what you do at our facility; it's about a whole lifestyle. Navigating that lifestyle alone isn’t easy, which is why we created The Cahaba Fitness Roadmap:

Discover Your Workout Style

Answer a few questions and we uncover the way you workout. Using this information, we put you in the right group and pair you with the right trainer. From the start, you’re set up for success because you can work out in a way that fits you. Start now!

Strive For Five

Meet with your trainer five days a week, or meet three days a week while working out on your own the other two days. Whatever you decide to do, aim to exercise five days each week.

Make Half The Plate Green

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with diets, eating plans, and modern trends. Here’s the easiest way to eat well: fill half of your plate with vegetables. Every time. The other half? Doesn’t matter.

Sleep It Out

Sleep is almost like magic. Your body uses this rest to reset your system and prepare you for another day. Slowly tweak your bedtime routine so you get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. Your trainer helps you with the small changes you can make on the road to a full night’s sleep.

Invite Friends and Family

We aren’t meant to live life alone, and our journey of health and wellness shouldn’t be lived alone, either. Invite family, friends, coworkers, and more to join you on the path to a healthier life.


It all starts by meeting with us to get your journey to better fitness started.

(Just making sure you're a real human being)